“Isolation is something you need to avoid. I’ve gone through it. I think a lot of founders go through it. Get a group of supportive people around you; a way to have accountability and a way to have other people mentally invested in your startup.”
- Rob Walling

You don’t have to work alone

JFDI is like a professional association for solo-founders and bootstrappers. These aren’t "wantrepreneurs" – these are people committed to making their products a reality.

With your JFDI annual membership you’ll get:

  • Slack chat: this is our virtual water cooler. Come hang out with other members, located on every continent. Get immediate feedback, ask questions, or bring up a topic for discussion.
  • Forums: for longer form discussion, we have active topics on building a SaaS product, our biggest struggles, and a place to pitch new ideas.
  • Membership site: Interact with other members via private messaging, public statuses, and the membership directory.
  • JFDI Live: get behind-the-scenes access to live video interviews with big guests like Patio11, Nathan Barry, and DHH. You’ll be able to interact live, in the chat room, and ask questions as well. You can also watch the archived video on jfdi.bz.
  • Week of Hustle: every month, we run a week-long “sprint” designed to help you start and finish a project in a week.
  • Books and Courses: each member gets access to their own downloads section, where they can access resources that have been purchased for members (or get discounts on other books, courses, etc…)

Annual membership is $239.

I’m already blown away by how awesome and helpful the people in the JFDI community are; can’t wait for you to join the group!

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